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‘Gaj Yatra’ has been rolled out from Tura town in which state?

A)  Tamilnadu
B)  Assam
C)  Meghalaya
D)  Kerala

Patanjali Ayurved has announced to launch 'Swadeshi Samriddhi SIM card' in association with?

B)  Airtel
D)  Vodafone

Which of the following has been named the state animal of Andhra Pradesh?

A)  Iguana
B)  Black buck
C)  Goat
D)  Baboon

2nd SCO-Afghanistan Contact Group Meeting was held in?

A)  Beijing
B)  St Petersburg
C)  Astana
D)  New Delhi

Who has won the 'best caricature' award at the 13th edition of the World Press Cartoon awards?

A)  Anand Mittal
B)  Dinesh Rao
C)  Thomas Antony
D)  Vijay Mishra

Kameshwar Paswan, who recently passed away, was a?

A)  Artist
B)  Politician
C)  Botanist
D)  Journalist

How much amount of loan has Asian Development Bank (ADB) announced to provide for a project to improve irrigation in Madhya Pradesh?

A)  USD 375 million
B)  USD 425 million
C)  USD 150 million
D)  USD 200 million

Which of the following is the Master Chief Special Warfare Operator (Sea, Air, and Land), who was awarded the Medal of Honor by US President Donald Trump?

A) Paul Biden
B)  Marco Franken
C)  Britt Slabinski
D)  Rick Scott

Pandurang Phundkar, who recently passed away, was Maharashtra state's minister of?

A) Law
B)  Agriculture
C)  IT
D)  Finance

Rajnath Singh chaired the 13th standing committee meeting of the Inter-State Council (ISC). The committee completed deliberations on which of the following commissions?

A) BN Srikrishna Commission
B)  Punchhi Commission
C)  Saraswat Commission
D)  Khanduri Commission

India Meteorological Department (IMD) has partnered with which company to send extreme weather warnings to people?

A) Airtel
B)  Vodafone
C)  Idea

Who inaugurated the new test facilities installed at the International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) at Manesar, Haryana?

A) Suresh Prabhu
B)  Piyush Goyal
C)  Anant Geete
D)  Nitin Gadkari

Navies of India, US and Japan are going to begin the trilateral Malabar Exercise in?

A) Philippine Sea
B)  South China Sea
C)  Arabian Sea
D)  Sea of Japan

Who has been won the International Cricketer of the Year Award at the CEAT Cricket Ratings?

A)  Shikhar Dhawan
B)  Trent Boult
C)  Virat Kohli
D)  Chris Gayle

Which state cabinet has approved an ordinance to make provision for grant of salary and allowances of chief whip?

A)  Bihar
B)  Punjab
C)  Haryana
D)  Rajasthan

Which of the following app and portal has been launched by Minister of State (I/C) for Power RK Singh, to bring transparency in power purchase transactions between Generators and Discoms?


Which of the following has been appointed as the nodal agency for setting up 2,500 MW of inter-state transmission system-connected (ISTS) power projects?

B)  Power Grid

Which Chief Minister has launched the campaign ‘Polythene Hatao Paryavaran Bachao’?

A)  Devendra Fadnavis
B)  Jai Ram Thakur
C)  Raman Singh
D)  Sarbanand Sonowal

Which union ministry has signed an MoU with Uttar Pradesh government for management of Homes for Widows?

A)  Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
B)  Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
C)  Ministry of Women and Child Development
D)  Ministry of Culture

Ibrahima Kassory Fofana has sworn-in as the Prime Minister of?

A) Guinea
B)  Indonesia
C)  Morocco
D)  Egypt

Which state's Chief Minister has launched an educational resource portal 'Samagra'?

A) Assam
B)  Telangana
C)  Chhattisgarh
D)  Kerala

Which company has surpassed Alphabet in market value to become the third most valuable company in the world?

A) Microsoft
B)  Facebook
D)  Intel

Bihar Cabinet has approved to set up a Fisheries College at?

A) Saharsa
B)  Kishanganj
C)  Bhojpur
D)  Gopalganj

Which country has inaugurated part of $40 billion European gas pipeline?

A) Georgia
B)  Turkey
C)  Mongolia
D)  Azerbaijan

Who has been given additional charge of DRDO?
A) Sanjay Mitra
B)  Ajay Kumar
C)  Navin Verma
D)  Parameswaran Iyer

Which state has launched a mobile app for ration card holders, named ePDS?

A) Gujarat
B)  Madhya Pradesh
C)  Punjab
D)  Himachal Pradesh

DONER minister Dr Jitendra Singh has announced to set up a Rs 28 crore Brahmaputra Study Centre at which university?

A)  Gauhati University
B)  Tripura University
C)  Dibrugarh University
D)  Tezpur University

Urmila Singh, who recently passed away, was the former governor of?

A)  Punjab
B)  Himachal Pradesh
C)  Gujarat
D)  Madhya Pradesh

Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) has approved the procurement of equipment valued at over?

A)  Rs 3,500 crore
B)  Rs 5,100 crore
C)  Rs 4,300 crore
D)  Rs 6,900 crore

Who has been appointed as Director on the Boards of Max Financial Services and Max Life Insurance?

A)  Sahil Vachani
B)  Arpan Verma
C)  Neeraj Mishra
D)  Vishal Dhasmana

When was the first official 'World Bicycle Day' celebrated?

A)  June 4
B)  June 1
C)  June 2
D)  June 3

Which country has banned goods from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt?

A) Oman
B)  Qatar
C)  Israel
D)  Kuwait

Which Indian discus thrower has announced his retirement from the sport?

A) Shakti Singh
B)  Ranjith Kumar
C)  Vikas Gowda
D)  Anil Kumar

How much amount of loan has the World Bank announced to provide for strengthening the public financial management in Rajasthan?

A) $43.4 million
B)  $11.5 million
C)  $21.7 million
D)  $39.8 million

Alicia Pucheta has become the first woman president of which country?

A) Colombia
B)  Peru
C)  Chile
D)  Paraguay

Facebook has announced to launch WhatsApp Pay in India. It has partnered with how many banks for its Payments service?

A) 2
B)  4
C)  6
D)  8

Who has been elected the president of Indian Journalists Union (IJU)?

A) K. Sreenivas Reddy
B)  K. Amarnath
C)  Amar Devulapalli
D)  S. N. Sinha

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